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Best Elemental Damage type. List of Infested Flesh Enemies Infested.

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Can chain lightning to other enemies.

Warframe best elemental damage against infested. Impact represented by a hammer icon Puncture a needle through a circle and Slash shown as an arc are the primary physical damage types youre dealing with. You can add elemental damage types on top of a weapons physical attributes with mods. Impact is generally strong against shields Puncture against armor and Slash against flesh.

To start this list off Ill be going over the top 5 primaries and what makes each weapon good in its own right as well as why each one is in the spot it is. Corrosive is the opposite good damage especially against ancients but near-useless status proc. Physical Damage types and fraction weakness.

But changing your damage type is not the solution here. Physical damage is the base damage for most weapons you encounter in Warframe. Infested is one of the four health classes of Infested enemies typically reserved for Chargers and Leapers.

Silva and Aegis For Sword and Shield Lovers The Silva and Aegis is an incredibly fun sword and shield. There are primary elements and secondary elements which are combinations of two primaries. Radiation only does more damage to units that have Alloy Armor.

Corrosivecold will strip armour and do reasonably effective damage against shields Magneticfire will do amazingly against shields and also reduce armour because of the fire So as a rule of thumb. Heat damage has a bonus against Infested and Infested Flesh health which smaller Infested have. The Ferrite armored enemies like Troopers Ballistas Heavy Gunners will basically take no extra damage to.

Warframe Damage Chart. Deimos is a moon of Mars where the Infested are the controlling faction. Each weapon now also gives three different types of damage.

Corrosive Corrosive and more Corrosive. Cold Electricity Heat and Toxin. It also does a lot of damage.

A new damage system was introduced along with new mods. The secondary elements have more pronounced rock-paper-scissors effects. For Infested Corrosive Heat or Corrosive Blast.

You need better weapons better mods ability buffs CC etc. Elemental damage is basically a more complicated version of rock-paper-scissors. This fiery sword and shield combination perfects the balance of Tenno offense and defense prowess.

Gas does a lot of damage vs trash infested and its AOE procs further make the crowd control effective. List of Enemies with the Infested-Health Type Bosses. CorrosiveBlast for Ancients sometimes drop Cold to make the Blast into Fire and pure Gas for melee or dedicated lessers AoE wep like Ignis.

Very rarely will you find a weapon with a physical damage. Corrosive is usually the best elemental type against every faction and infested are not an exception. Blueprint on Market for 20000 Credits.

There are four primary elements in Warframe. In the hands of a Master even a defensive tool like a. That said viral damage is arguably the best way to go for elemental damage type as it deals bonus damage to most units in multiple factions and additionally acts as a pseudo critical multiplier by increasing the damage taken by enemies by up to 325.

Want to learn more Warframe tips and tricks. Excalibur Prime ready to pop heads with Rubico Prime. They take increased damage to Slash Heat and Gas damage but less from Cold damage.

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses associated with it. I mostly run a Corrosive build at all times since its an all-rounder. Best Elemental Damage type.

This means that the strongest elements against a particular type of enemy will be weak against others. Each can be increased by use of their respective mod cards. ViralSlash or ViralFire for most enemies ViralRadiation if healer eximus units are present and a secondary for applying other useful affects like corrosive or magnetic.

Theres no best element type it can vary on what faction you are fighting with. Cold if youve got an empty slot after installing 300. Want to learn more Warframe tips and tricks.

Two primary elemental damage mods next to each other on the weapon Mod page combine. Damage in Warframe is pretty complicated just like the rest of the game. Corrosive deals extra dmg vs ancients which are the main annoyance when facing infested as they give dmg resistance auras to others.

Electric is a powerful albeit slightly laggy proc type that does neutral damage to infested but will stun them and their best friends within 3m. Early game weapons will always have a combination of all 3 physical damage types. Tesla Chain 12 Stun Heat.

Corrosive and Blast have large bonuses against Fossilized health which most larger Infested and bosses have. They take increased damage from Slash Heat and Gas damage but less from Radiation and Viral damage. It should be noted that Radiation and Viral are both excellent status procs against infested but deal heavily reduced raw damage to them.

16 rows Elemental Damage Cold-50-25 25. MagneticToxin Radiation for anti-hyenarobotboss Infested. Infested Flesh enemies are one of the four health classes of the Infested faction typically reserved for Crawlers.

Going against Infested you should prefer Slash heavy weapons. Combining the damage types works like this. Strong against infested flesh.

I mostly run a Corrosive build at all times since its an all-rounder. Impact puncture and slash. Elemental damage system Enemy weakness table Warframe mods Aura mods Warframe Beginner Mods 1122 Sentinels Update 11.

This Warframe damge guide has been updates multiple times over the past four yours. Read our guide to Warframe Mods for an intro to the topic So if youve got a Cold damage Mod next to a Heat damage mod itll create a Blast damage type. Radiation does more damage to the armor that the grineer have and that armor is more common than the armor that corrosive is strong against which is mainly present on heavy gunners in this faction.

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