32+ Is Mitsuki Stronger Than Boruto And Sarada

Although Borutos power is more or less close to that of Sarada Uchihas he possesses some weird powers that give him the edge. Yes she is and nobody can say otherwise.

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Arguably Kawaki is going to.

Is mitsuki stronger than boruto and sarada. Mitsuki trusts Saradas judgment more than Borutos and has confidence in her skills much like Sasuke did in Sakuras. Borutos full power and Mitsukis full power is way above what Sarada is capable of right now. Sarada noticed Mitsukis change in attitude before anyone else did the same way Sakura noticed the curse marks influence.

Whos stronger Boruto or Sarada. Hence mitsuki is definitely stronger of the two considering his. Since Naruto and Sasuke were actually given powers by the god of the verse theres nothing outside of a new random powerup that could make Boruto and Sarada stronger than their fathers.

Added to that is the power of the Jougan. Theres a point at which Sarada and Mitsuki may be the only hope at defeating BorutoKawaki. Ootsutsuki being the strongest blood.

However because of not having reached his full potential yet there are those who are far better than him at combat. He cant beat boruto or mitsuki because A Mitsuki can use SM a far more powerful snake Lightning jutsu while in SM than in base and his base Snake Lightning took down all the iron sand its the iron Sandss weakness Boruto has same win con with a karma amped Thunderclap arrow and actuly shinki is shown to be more the static type of fighter without moving alot so a. I think considering that Mitsuki is currently stronger than Sarada he has a greater potential than Sarada being behind Boruto.

Sarada- though an uchiha will possess the sharingan but currently in boruto anime she has not conducted any major feat which would impart her to be stronger than mitsuki she is good with the shuriken stuff but still hasnt shown any major prowess. Bolt and Himawari - has 3 parts of it in their genes only missing the Uchiha line. I feel like he is way more powerful than Boruto Sarada or any other of the new characters at the Academy right now.

Waiting for my disagree by that dude with the chibi Sarada picture anytime now. Her and mitsuki will be strong but wont be able to hold a candle to kawaki and boruto. Edited by Squinty97 0.

But Boruto may be more powerful than Mitsuki Sarada in future when he masters Jougan Karma seal Rasengan Sword Style. Borutos stats Saradas stats Wind style Super strength Lighting style Sharingan only able Shadow clones To read opponents moves Eye dojutsu which allows him to And copy moves and cast Occasionally teleport sometimes And dispel genjustsu Winner Boruto more skills. Itll be like sakura showing up when naruto and sasuke are fighting madara after theyve received there god powers.

Sarada definitely has the greatest potential. Their power will probably be very very close by the end. The protag and his rival will clearly be the strongest and shes not borutos rival.

It is the story of boruto but Kawaki Sarada and Mitsuki are all mains. It is unknown to what extent Boruto can use its powers but once activated he becomes tremendously stronger. But Mitsukis sage mode alone is already absolutely powerful and we havent even seen the full extent of the power of it.

So as per the latest episode Mitsuki is still more powerful than Boruto Sarada. 10 Characters Who Can Give Isshiki Otsutsuki A Fight Ranked By Strength. Being compatible with Isshiki theres no doubt that Kawaki is one of the strongest characters in the entire series.

Watch the video here to see the Super High Compression Rasengan and Mitsuki Chakra. One such power is the Karma that he inherited from Momoshiki Otsutsuki. He is probably even more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke when they were the same age.

Bolt and Himawari are Quarter UzumakiNamikazeHalf Hyuuga. Sarada has 1 part of it needing Senju 14 and Hyuuga 12 Mitsuki has equal or more than Sarada Hyuuga 12 or 14.

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