13+ Who Is Naruto's Favorite Sensei

You forgot about Hinata unknowingly being the first person besides Iruka to admire Naruto but before Jirayia help him know how to be stronger than his failures to keep trying. He passed his will to Rock Lee his student and Neji will always be remembered as the Hyuga who lead Team 3.

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Who is naruto's favorite sensei. Being a physical strong. Silver like my knives. The best sensei in the Naruto series was undoubtedly Jiraya.

Except he couldve taken a page out of Jiraiyas book not Makeout Paradise on how to be a present loving male role model per Narutos relationship with Boruto. Jiraiya bestows Naruto with his eventual signature attack the Rasengan and also sets him up with Toad Summoning. Jiraiya - If Naruto has only one definitive master Jiraiya is undoubtedly that man.

What is your favorite past time. The group went back to what they were doing and Sakura looked up from where she Ino Hinata and Tenten were reading different magazines. 562k members in the Naruto community.

Reading nuedy books Training. 6 Iruka Saved Narutos Life Believed In Him When No One Else Would. Although you could also.

Guy Sensei is a fan-favorite character whose hijinks portray him as a less formidable foe than he really is. Ok Kakashi is cool and Asuma is awesome but you can NOT hate Gai for whatever reason. Known to his friends as the Pervy Sage Jiraiya is actually Narutos godfather and the pair spend several years together during Narutos time skip.

A thing he loves. Picking Flowers Log in or sign up. Iruka-sensei is the best Naruto agreed.

We can all agree on the fact that Naruto as a kid was really slow on learning. Having insane mastery over Taijutsu Might Guy is simply one of the strongest characters in Naruto. Answer 1 of 9.

Hes funny nice believed in Lee and even Naruto when no one else did and is arguably the strongest of the 4 main senseis during the war. Who is Narutos true sensei. Fine I will explain it to you.

YES the guy above is the best sensei. The Springtime of youth will live on forever. He inherited Jiraiyas ninja way.

359 votes 30 comments. Show discussion 3. Guy has built a foundation of future shinobi.

Guy Sensei is one of the most famous characters in Naruto and Shippuden. This makes him an under-estimable element for the opponents which makes him more deadly. He calmly endured the rascals pranks and ardently believed that the genin might have a.

What Naruto Sensei are you. What is your Sensei best known for Being a friend to everyone. Edited by Justin Holland 2.

What is your favorite color. Iruka was Narutos sensei and a man who offered his prodigy patience where others might use derision. Justin Holland 2112017.

They do but I think they know a favorite sensei when they see one Iruka said raising his drink to his lips and winking as he walked away. In the June 2006 issue of Shonen Jump Kakashi stated that Naruto is his favorite student and that although Sasuke is a genius he is tedious to teach because he learns everything easily compared to Naruto who is hardworking and who is unpredictable always surprising Kakashi. Everything related to the Naruto and Boruto series goes here.

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