24+ Plants That Thrive In Dark Bathrooms

As many of you know both my mother and I have fairly large shade gardens. It thrives on neglect is impossible to kill and removes toxins from the air as well.

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All you need is a little space right inside your home for these beautiful and useful plants.

Plants that thrive in dark bathrooms. Although they will survive in low light they will not necessarily thrive. Because they love humidity green heartleaf Philodendron are excellent plants for bathrooms. If you live in a desert region or an area that is located near the coast it is possible that the soil where your plants will grow is sandy.

This type of Philodendron can be grown as a hanging plant or climbing plant. Try these shade lovers to brighten up any dark spot in your garden. The primary care requirements are generally getting enough light keeping humidity high and watering correctly.

Bathrooms are ideal for calatheas as they love a humid atmosphere. They are ideal plants to tuck into dark corners or to use as a dramatic backdrop for other shade-loving plants such as impatiens begonias and hostas. So weve written quite a bit about plants that thrive in the shade.

Avoid direct sunlight as this will scorch the leaves and keep away from draughts. Heres which plants thrive without rays and how to care for them. By April established plants can be watered every other day a routine which will continue until late October.

Help your spider plants live their best lives by encouraging photosynthesize through grow lights. Almost all varieties of palm plants thrive in bright indirect light. Calatheas do best in bright indirect light but will tolerate a bit of shade.

A bathroom is typically a warm humid room that provides the perfect backdrop for some houseplants. They dont need a lot of light to thrive and to a degree cope well with neglect. It can thrive in very very low light and is drought tolerant as well so if your low light bathroom is causing a problem for your other plants the Cast Iron Plant can withstand it.

In this guide Im going to show you some of my. Cast iron plants as the name suggests is a hardy plant. It has several other factors going for it as well.

Green fingers arent for everyone. 30 Indoor Plants for Low Light These houseplants are perfect for homes and offices with little or no natural sunlight. One of the questions that I always get asked is if those plants are deer resistant.

These plants also tolerate low light but can thrive even better in a medium to bright indirect light location too. In cut flower arrangements. If you need to brighten up a dark corner or add a little life to your basement one of these gorgeous low light plants are sure to do the trick.

They are extremely slow to grow but require very little maintenance to keep them alive. Worry not these beautiful and low-maintenance plants will look great in any home. By the beginning of March they will be beginning to show vigorous signs of new growth therefore normal watering may be gradually resumed.

If your house tends to be dark and drafty its probably not the ideal environment for growing plantsBut you dont have to give up on being a. Lets look briefly at how to look after your tropical potted palm. These are the best low light indoor plants.

Many pretty plants will do fine under a large shade tree or in. Aloe Vera Aloe barbadensis miller This succulent plant needs low amounts of sunlight less water requirements and the humidity in your bathroom will be perfectly enough to keep it healthy. Perfect for bathrooms or confined spaces the birds nest fern can be hung or potted making it a versatile option that can move around your apartment at ease.

So I thought I would do a little research and find out. A dark green China doll plant Radermachera sinica is perfect for sliding into a bathroom corner near a window. This leafy plant can be grown anywhere in the house in indirect sunlight.

Since they like the heat and moist conditions theyll thrive in the warmth of your bathroom. These humidity absorbing plants require bright indirect light to survive. Check out our gallery of 20 plants plus growing tips that will thrive in this environment.

Plants to survive must conduct photosynthesis and for this they need daylight. I actually live in an area where deer are plentiful. The plant requires a temperature of at least 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

In fact keeping cast iron plants in direct sunlight can scorch and burn their leaves. A few years back my nephew told me how drab his office was and I suggested to him that he try using a spider plant to make his office space look a little more verdant and he was amazed by the results. In the growing season they produce blooms that add to the aesthetic value of your space.

The large leaves and glossy finish are similar to a standard fern and it can thrive in a low-light space. Here are 10 plants you can grow indoors. The perfect light condition for spider plants is bright indirect light though they will sometimes make it onto lists of plants that do well in low-light conditions.

If you have a glasshouse they will thrive there. China doll plants need bright indirect sunlight and moist well-drained soil and must be protected from drafts. Indoors they are best grown in window boxes or bathrooms which often have warmth and humidity.

They can thrive in a wide variety of conditions including low light environments. These plants thrive in high light but can do fairly well in lowlighting surroundings too. It has dark green shiny heart-shaped leaves which look great on a tabletop or even as a hanging plant.

With thin whitish veins prominent on their dark leaves nerve plants are also humidity absorbing plants. Nerve plants like their soil to be constantly moist. Houseplants can make bathrooms more pleasant places by adding a touch of greenery to the d├ęcor and improving air quality.

The green heartleaf Philodendron is a vining type of plant with dark-green leaves in a hearts shape. Provide a minimum temperature of 15C and avoid rooms with regular temperature fluctuations. Price and stock could change after publish date and we may make money from these links.

This specific species of Philodendron prefers shaded areas or low light conditions. Indoor palm plants can be more demanding to care for than other houseplants. As an alternative to growing caladiums in pots indoors leaf cuttings taken from the garden will last as long as two to three weeks in a vase or floral arrangement.

You dont need a huge terrace or balcony. However many plants do not need as much direct light as other plants do and we have cautiously selected the best of them that do well in low light. 36 Houseplants That Can Still Thrive in.

Adding plants to the house is my favorite way to bring a little lift to any room. These are the plants for windowless bathrooms. The plants should be watered perhaps once a week in February.

If you have a bathroom with no light remember to add grow lights or rotate your plants into another room that does receive natural light. Some areas of the country have sandy soil while others have clay soil. These are warm house plants and cannot tolerate lower temperatures or cold dry air.

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